Baracuda G3 W03000 Advanced Suction-Side Automatic Pool Cleaner Review

Baracuda G3 W03000 Advanced Suction-Side Automatic Pool Cleaner
  • Coming with around a dozen interchangeable hoses for customized cleaning, it has been designed to easily negotiate corners and potential obstacles such as steps and ladders, without stalling or becoming stuck.
  • Equipped with a flow valve that automatically regulates water flow delivering the best performance even when used with less powerful pumps, at the press of a button this handy feature can be activated to skim the surface of the pool and collect even the finest floating debris.
About the manufacturer

Designed and made by Zodiac Marine and Pool, a company that started out designing airships back in 1909, Zodiac later branched out into kayak and catamaran manufacturing and a variety of other marine related activities before becoming fully involved in the pool cleaner market after acquiring the respected Polaris Pool Systems (USA) in 2005. 

Continuing to manufacture to Polaris's high standard, Zodiac is now one of the most recognizable and trusted names when it comes to pool cleaners. 

The Baracuda G3 W03000 is equipped with a Flowkeeper, a patented self-adjusting valve which regulates water flow running through the unit. This feature helps ensure a high level of power even though the cleaner operates on lower horse power.
The Baracuda G3 is an efficient automatic pool cleaner for cleaning the floor and walls of in ground swimming pools. Durable, having minimal moving parts means less wear and tear so it should provide many years of problem-free use.
Another advantage to the absence of multiple moving parts is that Baracuda G3 is simple to use, run and maintain.
Affordable, this Baracuda model is superior in quality to some far more expensive pool cleaners. In the unlikely event replacement parts will be required, these will be inexpensive to buy. This, combined with its low chlorine and energy requirements, makes it a very reasonable to run pool cleaner
Operating quietly, you will hardly be aware that the Baracuda is running. This will make for far more relaxing and enjoyable times poolside.
  • Shipping weight is 19 pounds 
  • Has just the one moving part
  • Has a Patented Flowkeeper regulator valve
  • Its anti-stick design makes hassle-free cleaning
  • Very easy to use with no learning curve
  • Fuss-free maintenance
  • Low cost parts should replacement ever be required
  • Can remove all types of debris from large to small
  • Quiet to operate
  • Diaphragm can quickly be accessed as needed, using the quick release cassette
  • Lightweight for easy transportation, placement into and removal from the pool
  • Only has 1 year warranty against defects, though the hose does have a 2 year warranty

The Baracuda G3 W03000 Advanced Suction-Side Automatic Inground Pool Cleaner is one of our Editor's 3 top picks.  Costing a lot less than some pool cleaners that are lower in quality and don't do as good a job, it will make the sometimes difficult task of cleaning your pool easy. 

With a low maintenance requirement and reliable performance, it comes with a wide range of durable hoses and a G3 Head, so your every pool cleaning requirement can easily be taken care of.

Following an extensive search, we have found that it can be purchased on Amazon for the lowest price.

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